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July 28, 2016 / choniwangmo

George scabies!!!!

27 July 2016

on Sunday 24 th July 2016 we had a mass bath. And I saw George with body full of pimplish rash. Thought is was his eczema. Sunday gone and on Monday I call for GPs appointment but all were fully booked and I went to after hours GP. There GP couldn’t decide and he referred us to Joondalup Hospital. He was diagnosed with Scabies. Ha ha ha…. Scabies in this age and period was funny looking and shocking for me. I was so shocked to hear about it. I was like….. What the hell… How come… Scabies.

He was then given a medicine to be treated with. Evening only we bath him and put on cream. No day care for the week for both. Will have to see GP for another time to see if he is OK to go to day care.


July 28, 2016 / choniwangmo

Day 2 27 July 2016

mouth sore and mouth shut for days!!

ahhaa… Jamyang’s been sick again. Just a week after the flu has been ok. She got mouth sore again. Eating nothing from morning till night days passed. She tried to eat but it makes are cry. Tears rolling over her rosy cheek.

She couldn’t attend the days therapy at Shenton park. Cancelled for the day.

July 25, 2016 / choniwangmo

George fingers!

The swollen finger tips on George hands are making me worry now. It’s gone so sore. I thinking he is biting. It’s not even seems to be improving after antibiotics . I don’t know what to do now.

and on top of that, he got sores all over the body. Guessing eczema. Hope so. seeing doctor in the evening.


July 25, 2016 / choniwangmo

Term 3

Day 1 (21/07/2016)

Left my bus card at home.

I made everything needed for the day ready and at last for got to put my bus card from the other bag.  As always, I drop my dear George hurriedly to day care in the morning. Then back at home I quickly ready to go . The was gloomy and rainy. It dizzle when we left home. The bus was already there alighting some passenger. I run to the bus and found no bus card. Luckily, daddy’s got some cash and that made my day! Save me at lot!!!

At the centre, I reach Jamyang and went to my time group with a New lady. I was directing the route and she was driving. Seems she is so nervous. Finally we got to our destination and it was nice to meet all the ladies.

Back to centre at 11:45 am I still had some time to roam around and my friend dropped me to activ library, Cambridge st. I spent my after noon reading some books there. At 2:45 I was back to the centre to pick my girl and there she was happily running towards me. Then we rushed back home in our usual route. Bus train bus!!!

Finally home by 4.20 pm. As soon as I enter the back door, there was heavy shower but it eased soon after. I cook curry for them and then went to pick up George. That’s the day one gone!!!!

July 1, 2016 / choniwangmo

30/06/2016 day 10 last day of the session

Jamyang was so sick. She had mouthful or sores. The week was hectic. Had to cancel all the appointments of the week. Couldn’t go to therapy at Shenton Park.

We went to see doctor in the afternoon.

June 16, 2016 / choniwangmo

Day 8 16/06/2016

I didn’t go to my time group since I had appointment with case manager to discuss about Jamyang’s using PECS and her observations in the room.

May 31, 2016 / choniwangmo

Day 5 26/5/2015

Left house key at home.

We board our bus to our destination at 7.30 am. We came out earlier than daddy. Journey was bit hectic. Jamyang moved very much and it made me so dizzy. Had some headache.

From the centre I went with the lady to the my time group. Didn’t buy any coffee as I had headache. The time was over and we came back to centre. Jamyang did well she was happy.

We then came back from the centre. It was not until we board the bus to our home from Whitfords station that I realised that I left key at home. I then called my house but the were already at work.

We reached home and from the back door there was key lying on the bench top.  I was just 1.30 pm that reached home and we had to wait till 7 pm for them to get home with key. I call Pema to check if she is home and luckily she was there. She agreed to bring me keys and meantime we went to Wanneroo shopping centre and did some shopping spree at Kmart.

Back home at around 4 pm and key reached here around 5pm.

That’s the day it was!! Key is so powerful 😛

May 22, 2016 / choniwangmo


Day 3 12/05/2016

The week was bit sicky for both of the kids. Rain and sun and cold, the flu season was around. They both had flu. Jamyang was not that well but day time she was fine and I took her for the usual therapy session. We left from home at 7.40 bus and we were there on time.

I waited for the lady outside and we went to my time together. One lady join us and it was fun they chatter.

Back to centre with Brooke. I went in the gate. She was not out. When she came out she was happy as usual.

We started our journey back by bus and half way through she felt asleep and then till home. She continued to sleep at home till 3pm. Journey was good when sleeping.

May 22, 2016 / choniwangmo

Day 2 5/5/2016

we started our usual journey to the centre at 7.40 am in the morning to bus stop but the bus was gone or came late. We went on 7.50 am bus and catch another bus from Stirling at 8.45am. We were late by 5 mins but day was just beginning.

I then left my baby with the therapist and outside the gate, Rochelle waited for me to go to  “my time” group. We went to my time group and few ladies joined for the day. It was good to see them chatting like a parrots.

Back to the centre, I was dropped off by another lady call Brooke. Occupational Therapist had assessed her and we had a nice chat. Then we came back home by bus train and bus.

April 28, 2016 / choniwangmo

Journey of “HOPE”

Day 1 28/04/2016

22/11/2015 we had an appointment with Dr. Andrew for the first time after our several meetings and appointments with speech pathologist Catherine at Joondalup child development centre. She has referred us to him.    Meeting with doctor gave me the heart broken news. Autism! Ever since the news came to me, I was totally shaken. Oh NO!!!

Since then many things happen preparing to be here today. The journey is just beginning.

Moring weather wasn’t that nice. Some dizzle. Some rain. And some sun. I drop George to day care at 7 am. Luckily or he always does when I woke up. He just woke up on time.

My plan was to take public transport but last minute decision made us to bring car to Stirling station. The traffic was so heavy . We are bit late then but people are just coming in.

At the gate was staff waiting for us. She directed me inside the gate. And there my case manager greeted me with the therapist. First day here, she was so excited. She runs here and there playing around. As much as you at excited to be here, I hope you will improve yourself. My biggest hope ever in my life. My biggest wish ever!!! Ahhh!!!

I waited in the lounge room till 11.45am, time when we can pick up and speak to therapist. She so happy playing out there and spoke to therapist and case manager for a while. They said she did very well but had bit of difficulty changing rooms. Had bigger trouble with changing nappies because of toilet.  She enjoyed swing and slide very much.

Excitedly at 12pm we came out and we catch 12.16 bus 999 to Stirling station. Weather was good. No rain. And then we catch train to Whitfords. We reach to bus stop and waited for few minutes for bus to come. While there strong wind blew with cold dizzle.

Weather forcast for the day had afternoon 95 chance of shower. And it did when we are in the bus. There was heavy rain and wipe swipe as fast as it could go till the half way to home. And then little slower after that. We reach our destination and the rain had stop! We are home safe at 1.20pm. Even there was sun shine. But it didn’t last long. Again rain and sun.

Day one just gone!