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May 31, 2016 / choniwangmo

Day 5 26/5/2015

Left house key at home.

We board our bus to our destination at 7.30 am. We came out earlier than daddy. Journey was bit hectic. Jamyang moved very much and it made me so dizzy. Had some headache.

From the centre I went with the lady to the my time group. Didn’t buy any coffee as I had headache. The time was over and we came back to centre. Jamyang did well she was happy.

We then came back from the centre. It was not until we board the bus to our home from Whitfords station that I realised that I left key at home. I then called my house but the were already at work.

We reached home and from the back door there was key lying on the bench top.  I was just 1.30 pm that reached home and we had to wait till 7 pm for them to get home with key. I call Pema to check if she is home and luckily she was there. She agreed to bring me keys and meantime we went to Wanneroo shopping centre and did some shopping spree at Kmart.

Back home at around 4 pm and key reached here around 5pm.

That’s the day it was!! Key is so powerful 😛

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