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July 25, 2016 / choniwangmo

Term 3

Day 1 (21/07/2016)

Left my bus card at home.

I made everything needed for the day ready and at last for got to put my bus card from the other bag.  As always, I drop my dear George hurriedly to day care in the morning. Then back at home I quickly ready to go . The was gloomy and rainy. It dizzle when we left home. The bus was already there alighting some passenger. I run to the bus and found no bus card. Luckily, daddy’s got some cash and that made my day! Save me at lot!!!

At the centre, I reach Jamyang and went to my time group with a New lady. I was directing the route and she was driving. Seems she is so nervous. Finally we got to our destination and it was nice to meet all the ladies.

Back to centre at 11:45 am I still had some time to roam around and my friend dropped me to activ library, Cambridge st. I spent my after noon reading some books there. At 2:45 I was back to the centre to pick my girl and there she was happily running towards me. Then we rushed back home in our usual route. Bus train bus!!!

Finally home by 4.20 pm. As soon as I enter the back door, there was heavy shower but it eased soon after. I cook curry for them and then went to pick up George. That’s the day one gone!!!!

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